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from 45€/person
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You can now take the Japanese Cooking Course in Mataró, Maresme and Barcelona at home, where you will learn how to prepare sushi and other delicious recipes. 

The chef prepares you a master class where he will give you some culinary demonstrations, followed by you will practice with different techniques such ascooking the rice,clean and cut the fish correctly in order topreparing sushi.

You will also taste all the elaborations of this course with tasting

Enjoy this fun Japanese cooking course with your family and friends.


from 45€/person

Would you like to be a master at preparing rice dishes? 

With our cooking course you will learn the skills and knowledge to achieve the perfect rice. Socarrat, caldoso, risotto... .Which one is yours? 

Our home chef will teach you in a practical way every step to follow so that at the end of the class you will be able to make the dishes yourself. 

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from 45€/person
popular choices

Would you like to learn how to cooking in a creative way

With this course you will learn the skills and knowledge you need to prepare your own creative dishes.. Combine flavours and textures to surprise your palate.

The home chef will teach you in a practical way each step to follow so that at the end of the class you will be able to make the dishes yourself. 

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from 60€/person

Do you want to live a unique taste and sensory experience

Basylic brings to your home a blind dining or dining in the dark experience, The senses will be heightened and you will have to discover each of the dishes on the menu.

Our chef has designed a tasting dinner full of flavour and textures, to enjoy with all your senses, an experience that will surprise you.

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from 45€/person

Get ready to take a culinary journey to Southeast Asia with this Thai cooking course.

Here you will learn the techniques and knowledge necessary to prepare typical Thai dishes, as well as the most commonly used products and spices. Learn how to cook a delicious Pad Thai or a green curry with fresh spices. A course full of exotic aromas that you will love.

Our home chef will teach you in a practical way every step to follow so that at the end of the class you will be able to make the dishes yourself. 

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from 45€/person

In this interesting healthy cooking course you will develop a complete menu.

The menu you will prepare will highlight 3 main points to work on.

  1. Nutritionally healthy product selection
  2. Use of culinary techniques that respect the nutritional properties of each food.
  3. Designing dishes with a high gastronomic value

Sign up for an increasingly fashionable course that introduces you to healthy cooking with cutting-edge recipes and techniques.

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What our customers say

Sandra Martin
Sandra Martin
Gracias a Albert y su equipo hicimos de nuestra fiesta familiar una experiencia inolvidable. Desde el primer momento entendieron el tipo de catering que estábamos buscando y las opciones ofrecidas encajaban a la perfección. El dia del evento su organización en nuestra casa fue excelente. Muy buena calidad-precio; la comida estaba exquisita y nuestros invitados quedaron asombrados. Lo recomendamos 100%!
I am amazed at Chef Alberto’s talent. My family enjoyed not only his food but his personality! He engaged our guests and delivered exceptional gastronomic experience and service for our small intimate wedding and welcome paella lunch. I connected with Alberto all the way from a different country and always made time to meet despite the 8 hr time difference. My family, friends and I will dream about the gastronomic experience for years to come! Muchas Gracias!
Lindsay Camacho Beebe
Lindsay Camacho Beebe
We hired Alberto for a private dinner on our week long holiday in the Costa Brava. It was the loveliest meal we had all week. It was an excellent gastronomic introduction to the region, and we loved trying all of the local products and flavors. I would recommend Alberto's services unreservedly.
Hahna Kim
Hahna Kim
My family and I stayed at an Airbnb in Mataro. Our Airbnb host recommended Albert and I cannot say enough good things about him and his food. He was very responsive (and speaks very good English). We messaged and also spoke on the phone, and then he gave menu recommendations. I altered some of them, which he was totally ok with. He came to the Airbnb and cooking lunch and dinner for us 3 days and all of my family LOVED his food (and we have some picky eaters). He also gave us both adult and kid options. I usually don't write reviews but I had to write one for Albert because his food was amazing. THANK YOU ALBERT!!!!
MªÀNGELS Graupera
MªÀNGELS Graupera
Ha estat un event genial! El menjar boníssim i de molt bona qualitat... I tant l'Albert com el seu equip super bé, molt professionals i encantadors 🙂 Si algún dia necessitem segur que repetim! Moltes gràcies! Àngels & Pedro
Jens Tangen
Jens Tangen
Great experience! Two very friendly serviceminded guys showed up and cooked us a meal that was extraordinary. They used new gastronomic techniques that made the dishes extra exciting. And everything is local or from the area. Highly recommend!
Lorna Bennett, MD
Lorna Bennett, MD
My stay in Catalonia/Barcelona, Spain was made extra special by the “best Chef ever”. Chef Albert is so amazing! So kind and personable. I will never forget him and how he made my family’s belly happy 😃 When I return to Barcelona, I will definitely be having you back to cook for us! Thank you Chef! Needless to say, your food was absolutely delicious…..The best Cheese cake I have ever had! All the best, until we meet again! Lorna Bennett, USA
stephen saw
stephen saw
Albert is an exceptional cook and is very professional. You can trust him to meet your exact needs and he is very communicative (before and during service). Albert cooked for us twice and both times we experienced a delicious four course local cuisine with wines and cava and beautiful table decorations (and even a cake). He introduced every dish like a true artist and took care of all our needs with help from a waiter “you don’t lift a finger” I highly recommend Albert Basylic Chef. You can trust him to take care of you and your family/guests for important occasions: birthdays and wedding parties which is what we did, twice!! Thank you for making our trip so memorable.
COMERCAS SL, Representacions i Serveis
COMERCAS SL, Representacions i Serveis
Molt bons profesionals. El menjar de qualitat. Gent encantadora. 👏👏👏
Muy buena experiencia! El chef muy amable, puntual y preparó un excelente menú vegetariano (así lo pedimos) con productos de temporada. Lo recomiendo al 100%.

our course-workshops

An activity to learn, share and enjoy in the company of your family or friends. Also as an activity to build trust and cohesion among colleagues and encourage teamwork. 



common content

Each session includes two to three hours of training and practice depending on the workshop. The chef will explain in a practical way each of the preparations. He will show you the techniques used for each preparation. You will also be provided with a dossier where all the material used, the necessary ingredients and the techniques used to make each of the recipes will be reviewed.  The workshop also includes all the material such as ingredients needed to make each of the preparations, as well as specific utensils for the preparation of the recipes.

workshop topics

Here you have a wide range of workshops to learn and have fun. 

  • Gastronomic cooking workshop
  • Thai Cooking Workshop
  • Rice cooking workshop
  • Japanese Cooking Workshop
  • Healthy cooking workshop
  • Pastry workshop
  • Cooking workshop for children

what I am going to learn in a cooking course?

Mainly you will learn how to elaborate certain recipes and use the techniques and procedures necessary. In addition to knowing the ingredients and characteristics of each one.

Mastering the techniques and knowing the ingredients stimulates our creativity, helps us to develop our way of cooking. It also allows us to eat better, in a healthier and more varied way.

This is an activity that in the future will give us confidence in selecting the product and how to treat it. 




Enjoy it!

Information on Cookery Courses and Workshops

general features

In our gastronomic academy at home you can have fun while you learn to cook like the avant-garde chefs. These chefs are renowned for their talent in the kitchen and for being able to create surprising combinations of flavours and textures. Learn their secrets at home in a fun and practical workshop. 

  1. Selection and quality of recipes
  2. Product selection by freshness and ripening point
  3.  Preparation of dishes using avant-garde techniques
  4. Restaurant presentations 

why hold a cookery workshop?

Holding a cookery workshop can be a great way to have a good time with your loved ones. It is an activity that you can also learn. A perfect idea for enjoy an evening with your family, friends or colleagues.

why the cooking workshop at home?

For convenience, being at home may be the best option for doing an activity and for enjoy intimate moments with our loved ones.

How the workshop takes place?

At the beginning of the workshop you will be introduced to the menu and the dishes you will be preparing. The chef will guide you so that you can learn and participate in the activity. The ingredients and main utensils are provided by the chef. In a clear way will teach you each of the techniques used. Finally you will taste and enjoy the prepared dishes.

what I can learn in the cookery workshop?

You will learn the steps to follow to prepare a new recipe or cooking technique. You will enter part of the culture de un paísand put into practice a positive activity such as the teamwork

who is the cookery workshop for?

To all those who wish to take part in an exciting activity. as is cooking, as well as learning from other cultures, culinary techniques and elaborations. They are designed for adults and children to participate. 

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