Private Chef

Basylic is pleased to offer you an exclusive private chef service for villas and holiday rentals in Mataró, Maresme and Barcelona. Our goal is to provide you with a unique and personalized culinary experience, adapted to your needs and preferences, in the comfort of your vacation accommodation. Below, we present our most outstanding services:

  1. Custom menus: Our expert chefs work with you to design bespoke menus, taking into account your tastes, dietary restrictions and the type of event you wish to organize. From intimate dinners to themed parties, our team strives to create delicious and memorable dishes for your guests.

  2. Fresh and local ingredients: At Basilic, we pride ourselves on using high-quality, fresh, local ingredients. Our chefs carefully select the products to ensure that each dish is a true delight for the palate.

  3. Complete culinary experience: Our private chef service includes not only the preparation and presentation of the dishes, but also the purchasing of ingredients, setting up the table and cleaning up after the event. Enjoy a worry-free dining experience while our team takes care of all the details.

  4. International and fusion cuisine: Our chefs have experience in a wide variety of cuisines, from traditional Spanish dishes to exotic international recipes. Explore culinary diversity and discover new flavors in the comfort of your villa or vacation rental.

  5. Flexibility and adaptability: We understand that each client and event is unique, so we adapt to your specific needs and requirements. Whether you want a full-time chef during your stay or just a special dinner, we accommodate your preferences to give you the best experience possible.

If you are looking for a private chef service in Mataró, Maresme or Barcelona for your next stay in a villa or vacation rental, do not hesitate to contact Basylic. Our team of highly trained professionals is ready to offer you an exceptional culinary experience, exceeding your expectations and delighting your guests. Discover the difference between Basilic and book your private chef today!

Private chef services

Private Breakfast Chef

popular choices
Service for Villas and vacation stay
  1. Continental buffet breakfast
  2. Custom menu design
  3. Selection of the best local product
  4. Artisanal pastry
  5. Artisanal bakery

Private Chef for Lunch/Dinner

popular choices
Servicio para Villas y estancia vacacional
  1. Custom menu design
  2. Selection of the best local product
  3. Purchase of the product in local markets
  4. Fresh products
  5. Local recipes and dishes
  6. Clean kitchen at the end of service


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