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Welcome to our exclusive blog of catering and gastronomy in Barcelona and its surroundings! 

Here you will be immersed in a world full of flavors, aromas and unique culinary experiences, where we will share our passion for gastronomy and personalized home chef services.

We invite you to learn more about our catering and private chef services, as well as explore the latest trends in gastronomy in Mataró, Maresme and Barcelona. We'll tell you about our customized menus, high quality local ingredients and how our expert chefs strive to create unforgettable culinary experiences for you and your guests.

Join us on this exciting journey through catering in Mataró, Maresme and Barcelona, discover how our catering and private chef services can transform your events and celebrations into unforgettable moments.


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¿Que es el Team Building?

El Team building o a veces llamado Team building Gastronómico es fundamentalmente una actividad que busca a través del trabajo en equipo, generar una mayor cohesión en el grupo.  Durante la actividad se desarrollan determinadas

Private chef service

Meet our private chef at home service with basylic catering and enjoy a gastronomic dinner at home.

Why hire a private chef?

14 Motivos para contratar un Chef Privado: Te contamos los 14 motivos para contratar un chef privado para tu próximo evento. 1. El chef privado cocinará por ti: Tal cual, olvídate de cocinar porque él lo hará