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The best home chef service on the market

At Basylic, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with an authentic gastronomic menu at home. Our team of professional chefs and culinary industry experts strive to provide you with a high quality experience, combining fresh, seasonal ingredients with innovative culinary techniques to create delicious and visually stunning dishes.

Whether you wish to enjoy an intimate dinner at home or celebrate a special event with family and friends, our home catering service will allow you to savour the exquisiteness of haute cuisine without having to leave your home. We take care of everything from menu planning to delivery and presentation of the dishes, ensuring that every detail is perfectly taken care of to provide you with an unforgettable dining experience.

With Basylic, you can count on the highest quality in taste, presentation and service, ensuring that your event or celebration is a resounding success. No matter the occasion, our commitment is to provide you with an exceptional culinary experience that both you and your guests will remember fondly.

Custom menu design

We design the perfect menu for the occasion be it Mediterranean cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Asian cuisine or international fusion.

We can also offer you healthy choicesas well as menus for vegetarians and coeliacs.

Waiter Service

Service includes waiter*.Our staff takes care of setting the table and serving your guests. 

Enjoy a complete service in which we will take care of the whole evening. 

Elaborations of high gastronomic value

The chef masters the traditional and modern cuisine and takes great care in presentation. 

Each dish is designed to be an experience and you will surprise textures and flavours.

Fees and Services

We will be happy to assist you and offer you more information. information about our services and products.

We will advise you so that you get the best possible service. 

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Basylic Catering y chef a domicilio
Basylic Catering and home chef
Manel Asta
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It was a magnificent experience to have the opportunity to have Albert come to our house to make us enjoy his dishes. Very good value for money, and a different experience that I recommend not to miss. Highly recommended!