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Whether you are just starting out in the world of cooking or you are already an experienced amateur cook, this is without a doubt the best way to get the most out of your time in the kitchen. uno de los mejores talleres que puedes hacer. 

Japan is a country full of culture and tradition. If there is one thing it excels in, it is its cuisine. Japanese cuisine appeals to us for the quality of its product, the presentations and the seasonal use of its ingredients.

Umami, the fifth taste

It is perhaps one of the elements that characterise the cuisine of this country, as they were the first to identify it. Umami is the word used by the Japanese to describe the taste that is not neither sweet, nor sour, salty, or bitter and is used to identify the flavour of certain products that are rich in glutamic acidsuch as katsuboshi (dried tuna shavings), kombu seaweed, shitake and soy sauce.

Rice, an essential product

White rice is another great protagonist of Japanese cuisine, as they use it for to accompany meat, fish and vegetables. It is present and combines perfectly in elaborations such as the niguiri, maki, uramaki among others. It is also used in many recipes such as for making sake (rice wine), very popular in Japan, or the Mirim which is a vinegar used to make sushi rice.

taller de sushi

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Cooking can be a good way to get to know part of the culture of another country as interesting as Japan. I invite you to find out for yourself..

An activity within everyone's reach and that you can do with your family or friends at home.

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In this Japanese cooking workshop you will learn how to prepare some of the most famous dishes of Japanese cuisine, such as the cutting fish for sashimiand to use ingredients typical of Japanese cuisine, such as, for example, the sakethe vinegar Mirim among others. 

You will learn precise techniques to elaborate the sushi riceas well as practising to prepare your own makis and uramakis.

An experience to participate and taste the product. 

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